Monthly Payment Plan for Weekly Fresh Club

This membership plan gives you a weekly fresh pack for 4 months (16 weeks) beginning in late May/Early June.  It is similar to the prepaid membership but allows you to pay for your membership monthly instead of 1 large sum at the beginning of the season. You can choose a large for 3-4 people or a small for 1-2 people.

You will also have access to the shop page for the entire season (May-Nov.)where you can order extra items, eggs and other value added products like dried herbs and jam. (All items ordered through the shop page have an additional charge) Only Fresh Club members can access the shop page giving you better choices.


Your weekly fresh pack will include a variety of in season produce grown on our farm including leafy greens such as lettuces, salad mix, spinach etc.., root veggies like beets, onion and radish as well as tomatoes, squashes, peppers, microgreens, herbs and much more.  For a detailed list of what we grow, please click here:

You can choose to pick up your fresh pack each week at our Loveland location( Anytime from 8am-8pm Thursday-Saturday, items are stored in a refrigerator to keep them fresh until you can pick them up) or pick up at The Blue Ash Farmer's Market (Wed from 3:00-7:00) or the Montgomery Farmer's Market (Sat. 9-12:30). You can also choose to have it delivered for an additional charge.

There is no deadline to sign up for this membership.  If you join in the middle of the month, it will be prorated for that month.

Please Note: Once you choose a size (large or small) you cannot change it through the website. You would need to notify us by email and we can get it changed for the following month. You can cancel your membership anytime, however, once you have paid for the current month, no refund will be given for that month.  

Ready to join? Click here: