Fresh Club Membership
How it works

The Farm is now closed for the season. Check back in March for membership purchases for 2022.  If you would like to join our mailing list, create a log in and you will receive emails letting you know about holiday gifts and membership deals coming up soon.


      Everyone is very busy these days and if you do not have time to get to a farmer's market or one of our farm stands, you can join our fresh club which allows you to get fresh local produce with a wide range of pick up options. 

     We have 3 membership options to choose from.

 Large Traditional (for 3-4 people)- 15 weeks

 Small Traditional (for 1-2 people)- 15 weeks

 Custom- only order what you want the week you want it. (May-Nov)

For more information on how each membership works click the button below.