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Fresh Club Membership
How it works


      Want clean, farm fresh local produce? Don't have time to get to a farmer's market every week?  Join our fresh club which allows you to get fresh local produce each week during our season. There are several options available for size, customization and payment options. Joining our fresh club doesn't mean you have to get products you don't like or want. We also offer convenient pick up times and locations.

     We have several membership options to choose from.


Large Pre-paid Weekly Fresh Club (for 3-4 people)- 12 weeks (One time payment)

Small Pre-paid Weekly Fresh Club (for 1-2 people)- 12 weeks (One time payment)

Large Pre-Paid Bi-weekly Fresh Club (for 3-4 people) -Total of 6 weeks every other week (One time payment)

Small Pre-paid Bi-weekly Fresh Club (for 1-2 people)- Total of 6 weeks every other week (One time payment)

 Custom Membership - Order only what you want, any week you want it. (May-Nov)

For more information on how each membership works click the button below.

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