Custom Membership

Custom Membership

(You can join anytime during the season there is no deadline)

     A one time joining fee of $25 gives you access to the on-line store page where you can order only the products you want, in the quantities you want, any week during the growing season.(May-Nov.) You are not obligated to order each week. Perfect for those who travel a lot or have busy weeks where you're not cooking much. After placing your order on line you can choose to pay with a credit card using our secure payment system or you can choose to pay with cash or check at pick up.

     The advantages of a custom membership are:


      *You only get products when you need them in the quantities you want.

      *You don't get products you don't like or want.

      *You get a 10% discount if you visit us at our farmer's market or farm stand.

      *A smaller financial investment for those on a tight budget or are new to CSA


To join the "Custom Membership, click the "join" button.