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Custom Membership

Custom Membership

(You can join anytime during the season there is no deadline)

     A one time joining fee of $28 gives you access to the on-line store page where you can order only the products you want, in the quantities you want, any week during the growing season.(May-Nov.) You are not obligated to order each week. Perfect for those who travel a lot or have busy weeks where you're not cooking much. We offer a variety of vegetables, herbs, microgreens, fruit and value added products like farm fresh eggs, jam all grown on our farm. For a detailed list of what we grow click below.

Only Members of our Fresh Club have access to the store page so you are not competing with the general public for our products

You will receive an email each week reminding you to order before the deadline for that week. In general, orders are taken from Sunday 9:00am-Tuesday 9:00am,

When placing your order on line, you can choose to pay with a credit card using our secure payment system or you can choose to pay with cash or check at pick up.

You can pick up your order at our farm in Goshen or Pick up at The Loveland Farmer's Market (Tues. 3:00-6:30) or the Montgomery farmer's Market (Sat. 9-12:30). We are also now offering delivery to your home if you are in our delivery area. (We are not able to deliver to apartments at this time) Delivery Fee will be $5 per order.


Please note that the $28 membership fee is not refundable.


To join the "Custom Membership, click the "join" button.

Not sure if this is right for you? Check out our pre-paid memberships. No need to remember to order each week. Several different sizes and price makes it affordable and convenient.Click the pre-paid button to learn more.

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