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Prepaid Weekly/
Fresh Pack

These memberships are a prepaid weekly or bi-weekly share of fresh produce from our farm. You make a one time payment before the start of the season and you will receive a fresh pack(share) each week or every other week for 12 weeks starting in early June.  You don't have to remember to order each week, it will just be ready for you. Your fresh pack will include leafy greens such as lettuces, salad mix, spinach etc.., microgreens, root vegetables such as beets, onions and radish, large fruited vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash and herbs all grown on our farm in Goshen. For a more detailed list of what we grow, click  the product button.

The deadline to purchase this type of membership is June 1.  If you want to join after this date, you can put in a request via the email at the bottom of the page. We can then send you an invoice for the remaining weeks. There is a limited number of prepaid memberships available each season. If they are sold out, you can join our custom membership anytime.

    *Large fresh packs will serve a family of 3-4 ($30-$35 weekly value) 

      *Small fresh packs will serve 1-2 people ($20-$25 weekly value)

For pricing, go to the "Join Fresh Club" Page


    * You will also have the option to purchase additional items from the on-line store page such as eggs, additional veggies or other value added products throughout the entire growing season (May-Nov.). 

Only members have access to the store page so you are not competing with the general public for our products.

We are NOW OFFERING HOME DELIVERY for those customers in our delivery area. This includes the following areas: Goshen, Milford,Loveland, Montgomery, Blue Ash,Deer Park and areas along I-71 to downtown. You can email us if you're not sure if you qualify before purchasing a membership. Delivery cost is included in the membership fee if you select delivery.

     *You can also choose to pick up your share/orders at our Goshen location (6695 Bray Rd) hours TBD or pick up at The Loveland Farmer's Market (Tues. 3:00-6:30) or The Montgomery Farmer's Market (Sat. 9-12:30). These memberships have a discounted price. All fresh packs are kept cold in refrigerators until you are able to pick up. No worries about wilting lettuce or dried up herbs. 


     * If you will be traveling or don't need your fresh pack for a week, you can simply move

        that week's fresh pack to another week at the end of the 12 weeks. This may be done 2x over the           season.   If you will be out of town more often, a custom membership or Bi-weekly membership might be a better option.

     * You will receive a weekly email letting you know what will be in your fresh pack that week and a reminder to place orders from the store page if you want extra items. We want to make sure you are getting items you like and enjoy. Although we cannot completely customize your fresh pack each week, you can let us know if you have allergies or an item you don't want and we will replace it with something you do want.



*You also get a 10% discount if you visit us at one of our farmer's markets.

To Join our Fresh Club click  the join button.

Not sure if a pre-paid membership is right for you? Explore our Custom Membership

Please note:  It is very rare, but sometimes catastrophic events occur from mother nature which can cause crop failures and/or structural damage to the point that it could affect your shares. In most cases, we are able to make up for losses by adding extra items the following week or at the end of the 12 weeks where you would get an extra share to make up for the loss but this is not a guarantee.  

If you are unhappy with your share or have a special circumstance where you need to cancel your membership, it must be done before the 3rd share is distributed.  You must notify Crazy Acres by email and a refund check will be issued minus a $50 fee and the cost of any shares already distributed.  No refunds can be given after the 3rd share is distributed.

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