Traditional Membership

    * A traditional membership is a lot like a traditional CSA.  You make 1 payment at the beginning of the season and you will receive either a large or small fresh pack(share) each week for 15 weeks. Shares usually begin in late May/early June and go through the end of September.

    * Fresh packs will have a combination of fresh produce from our farm, value added products and sometimes other locally produced items. 

     *Large packs will serve a family of 3-4 ($25-$30 value) and a small pack will serve 1-2 people ($15-$20 value).


    * You will also have the option to purchase additional items from the on-line store page such as eggs, additional veggies or other value added products throughout the entire growing season (May-Nov.).  

     The advantages of Traditional Membership are:

     * You will pay an overall lower price for your produce compared to a custom membership or at the farmers               market.

     * Free access to the on-line store page for the entire growing season (May-Nov.)

     * You get priority for products that might have low inventory over those who join the

         custom membership or shop at our farm stands.

     *You don't have to worry about remembering to order and pay each week, your fresh pack will just be ready             for you each week.                

     * If you will be traveling or don't need your fresh pack for a week, you can simply move

        that week's fresh pack to another week at the end of the 15 weeks. This may be done 2x over the season.             If you will be out of town more often, a custom membership might be a better option.

      *You get a 10% discount if you visit us at one of our farmer's markets or farm stand.

To Join our Fresh Club click  the join button.

Please note that participating in a traditional share means that you are investing in our local farm in return for fresh seasonable vegetables each week. This means that you are "sharing the risk" that comes with farming.  It is very rare, but sometimes catastrophic events occur from mother nature which can cause crop failures and/or structural damage to the point that it could affect your shares. In most cases, we are able to make up for losses at the end of the 15 weeks where you would get an extra share to make up for the loss but this is not a guarantee.

If you are unhappy with your share or have a special circumstance where you need to cancel your membership, it must be done before the 3rd share is picked up.  You must notify Crazy Acres by email and a refund check will be issued minus a $45 fee.  No refunds can be given after the 3rd share is picked up.